Friday, December 3, 2010

Favorite cheeses

People often ask any one of us at les amis "What's your favorite cheese". It's a tough question to answer. I personally don't have just one. It also depends what day it is, and what' I'm in the mood for. Sometimes if we haven't had a cheese for a while, and then I see it...Bam...that's the one.
This cheese is one of Allison's favorites. It's like a fermier style of St. Felicien. Unpasteurized for flavour, and hand ladled curd for tenderness.

Port soaked stilton

Alice's port soaked stilton is marinating as we speak. She gives it a drink almost every day. This year we have the following cheeese soaking in Taylor Fladgate LBV.
  • Long Clawson
  • Colston Bassett
  • Thomas Hoe
  • Stichelton's

They should be ready in a couple of weeks. I can't wait.

Alice also made some of her Xmas cookies again this year. She made them herself (with some help from Allison). They need time to rest and soften up, and also the flavors meld together. Some old school recipes just need love...and time.